Sadi Donbassa

Best fruits ANITA and FRUIT BALL

in Ukraine!

about our company

Who are we?

ANITA and FRUITBALL are the trademarks of Agroprod-Donbass LLC and Sadi Donbassa LLC, the largest fruit producers in eastern Ukraine.

Our orchards are growing every year. Today we have 355 ha in apples and 70 ha in sweet cherries. Our climate and rich black earth soil produce fruits with exceptional flavor, and we have our own sorting and refrigeration facilities to ensure that quality is passed on to our customers.

We sell our products to supermarket chains and on the export market.

Would you like to order?

We supply our products worldwide. Reliable packaging and delivery will deliver you products in the best possible way!

our Advantages

Here are six reasons to work with us:

Our own orchards

All of our fruit comes from our own 470 ha of orchards, of which 355 ha are apple and 70 ha are cherry.

Stable quality

All our products comply with European quality standards. We are in the process of receiving Global GAP and HACCP certification. Consistent quality is our philosophy.

Always stable prices

100% Ukrainian producer. You will always receive your order at the agreed-on price.

Storage and packaging

Our own refrigeration and sorting complex allows us to preserve the appearance and freshness of our products.

Experts in their field

We employ highly qualified agronomists an orchardists. Our firms bring 20 years of experience to producing great fruit.

Export and delivery

Our fruit loves to travel and is ready for export. We work quickly at all stages of cooperation, including delivery.